Library & Information Centre

The Central Library of the college is well furnished and well equipped with the carpet area of 711 Sq.mts. which can accommodate about 250 students. The library caters to the need of more than 2000 students, teachers, non-teaching staff and research scholars for various departments. It ensures support and aids with books and electronic resources for teaching, research and extension programs. The books are arranged and classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. All faculty and students are the members of the library.

The Modern Library and Information Centre is stacked with 32603 volumes of books in various Engineering disciplines and is continuously being strengthened by adding new technical literature in the form of periodicals, encyclopedias, Text books, Reference books, national and international journals. It offers a fully integrated and dynamic environment for conducting academic study. Multiple copies ensure that resources are easily available in Reference Section and Circulation Section as well.

The Library uses the Easy Library Software package which is an integrated multi-user Library management system that facilitates all in-house operations of the library. The package consists of modules on Acquisition, Circulation, Serials, Article indexing and OPAC Retrospective Conversion of bibliographic records. The Data base of books available in the library is being updated on day-to-day basis with details of recently acquired.

Digital Library

The Digital Library has 20 systems provides services like on-line Journals/magazines, open course ware, open access Journals, Subject and magazine compact discs and Internet facility. It provides more than 1562 e-books, e-databases, previous question papers and Project Reports. The library has J-Gate management sciences and Engineering resources online subscription and membership in development Library Network (DELNET) through which one can have access to specialized bibliographic data-base of books, serials and non-book materials.