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1. Network Layer Overview Computer Network Click Here
2. Elliptic Curve Arithmetic Computer Network Click Here
3. An Introduction to Kerberos Computer Network Click Here
4. Secure Hash Algorithm Computer Network Click Here
5. Augmented Grammars And Semantic Interpretation Artificial Intelligence Click Here
6. Grammer Artificial Intelligence Click Here
7. Machine Translation Artificial Intelligence Click Here
8. Phrase Structure Grammars Artificial Intelligence Click Here
9. Syntactic Analysis Artificial Intelligence Click Here
10. Perception Artificial Intelligence Click Here
11. Introduction To Software Testing Software Testing Click Here
12. Transaction, Dataflow Testing Software Testing Click Here
13. Domain Testing Software Testing Click Here
14. Cryptography And Network Security Overview Cryptography and Network Security Click Here
15. Oops Through Java Concepts OOPs Through JAVA Click Here
16. Object Oriented Analysis And Design Introduction Object Oriented Analysis and Design Click Here
17. Overview Of Python Libraries Python Programming and Data Science Click Here
18. Advanced Data Structures And Algorithms Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Click Here
19. Introduction To C Language C Programming and Data Structures Click Here
20. Overview Of Database DataBase Management System Click Here
21. Linear Bounded Automata Lba’s Formal Language and Automata Theory Click Here
22. Software Engineering Concepts Software Engineering Click Here
23. Sdlc Models Software Engineering Click Here
24. Oops Through Java- Method Overloading, Scope, Packages OOPs Through JAVA Click Here
25. Microprogrammed Control Computer Organization Click Here
26. Introduction To CSS Web and Internet Technologies Click Here
27. Pipelining Computer Organization Click Here
28. Integer Multipliers Computer Organization Click Here
29. Introduction To Data Structures C Programming and Data Structures Click Here
30. Stack And Queue ADT C Programming and Data Structures Click Here
31. Introduction to C Programming C Programming and Data Structures Click Here
Seminar on Intellecual Property Rights
Apr 17, 2024
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

The Seminar for the beginners of IPR learners. The following contents are to be...

ANTHARIKSHA-2K24 - Technical Symposium
Apr 04, 2024
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Technical Events: 1. Paper Presentation 2. Web Designing 3. Hack-n-Fix Fies...